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I'm a flirtatious person by nature. I was always intrigued by the live adult cam world, and I finally got up the nerve to stream on Chaturbate in August 2020. Ever since, my life has changed in monumentous ways- I'm endlessly grateful for the amazing opportunities I've been afforded since, and I remain constantly in awe of the incredible community my fans have created.

Fun Facts About Millie


Millie's favorite pastimes include: getting off online💦, reading, writing, creating/editing content🎥, learning new skills, binge watching YouTube, soaking up the sunshine☀️, and lounging around with her dog Sasha.🐕

Favorite Food

While Millie is ~predominately~ plant based, cheeseburgers are the way to this girl's heart! In college, she once dropped a class because it conflicted with the time they grilled fresh burgers in the dining hall.

Southern Roots

Born and raised in the deep South, Millie was taught to mind her yes sir's & no ma'ms. She long dreamed of living near the beach, and relocated to Southern California over a decade ago. She loves to travel to new places, but will always call California home. ❤️🌴

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