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420 with my #girlcrush, Demi Hawks!

Demi stands in a white bikini with marijuana leafs, Millie wears a green bikini top covered in marijuana leafs and tiny black bottoms. They are holding joints and surrounded by smoke.

I heard about Demi soon after she started camming from a friend (love ya, Fish!) and I ALWAYS had a crush on her, dropping by her room on Chaturbate from time to time & RTing her hot pics in hopes of catching her eye.👀 I was SO excited to meet her at X3 Expo in LA in January, and I joined Demi & Melissa on cam for my very FIRST GGG camshow! We had so much fun hanging out in LA that I jumped at the chance to visit Demi & film more content together. Demi is a creative mastermind & I loved witnessing & being a part of the magic of her process. Fun fact: our last night together we got dressed & ready to film more content but then accidentally POWER shmoked a jay in less than 3 minutes flat, effectively incapacitating us into an hour long giggle fit, lol!

Millie and Demi kneel together on a bed. Millie smiles, wearing a pink crop top and blue leggings. Demi wears a baby blue tank top and white sweatpants.
Don't let our cute faces deceive you...!


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