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Meet Millie @ AVN Expo 2023!

FUN UPDATE!! Guess who's going to VEGAS, BABY for AVN Expo, 2023!! This January 4-7th, I'll be broadcasting LIVE from the Chaturbate booth. I can't wait for all of the sexy shenanigans that will inevitably pursue!!

A girl in black Honey Birdette lingerie with subtle polka dotted thigh high stockings stands in front of a light purple background. Text on image reads: Meet Millie January 4-7, 2023 at AVN Expo
photo by peggyshootsfilm

I love any excuse to trek out to Vegas, and this will be my very first AVN Expo. There's so many hot creators coming out West for the event... I certainly have my list of crushes that I'll be keeping my eyes peeled to meet in person! Now's the time to let me know: who do YOU want to see me collab with while I'm at AVN?! Let me know!!! Let's chat about the endless possibilities and together, we can bring your fantasies to life. 🤍

ROLL CALL!📢 Who's planning on coming to AVN?! Tag me on Twitter to let me know!! I can't wait to meet ya'll IRL!🤩


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