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Watch my 2 *NEW* AVN vlogs on YouTube!

It's a new year🥳🥂 and I'm eager & excited to try new things, including posting more frequently on YouTube!

If you've ever been curious about what goes into a cam model's preparations for an expo, watch my AVN prep vlog! Lots of no make-up rambles, a shopping trip, packing, and even an all-nighter thrown in at the end.🤪

Creating content for YouTube is different than for my spicy site, but I'm stoked to grow my skills as I play around more with edits and fun effects.💥

I also uploaded a mini-vlog of my #BTS footage from AVN! Check it out for my #SFW outfit selfies, dinner and silly hangs with my girls Ariel King & Demi Hawks, dynamic expo chemistry between me & Kat Smug, and even a quick footrub to destress the expo tension. Subscribe to my YouTube channel & turn on notifications so you don't miss out on all my new uploads!🫶🏻


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